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Global Fleet Solutions Life Cycle Process

Unlocking Cost Savings: Beyond the Initial Purchase

Did you know that the upfront cost of a forklift is just a fraction of its total operational expenses? Approximately 15-20% covers the initial purchase, while a substantial 80-85% is allocated to maintenance downtime, crisis management, damages, misuse, and fuel outlays. Our comprehensive fleet management initiative is designed to slash your fleet's overall expenses by pinpointing cost-saving avenues across all facets of mobile equipment fleet operation.



Will help to increase up-time by reducing or eliminating major repairs and streamlining equipment specifications for maximum productivity.


Through our creative financing plans we are able to provide one monthly payment that can encompass all aspects of the mobile fleet from the machine itself to parts and service, avoiding capital outlays.


We increase safety at your facility by replacing old outdated units with new machines. Newer equipment offers the benefits of the latest technology and safety systems.


Will assist in raising productivity by doing a thorough application and efficiency analysis. The analysis is done to evaluate current and future requirements to ensure you are getting the most out of your equipment and the people who work with it.

Time Savings

Our team of fleet and maintenance managers will provide you with comprehensive data and maintenance management. This will give you back the time spent worrying about your machinery and allow you to focus on running your business.

our step by step approach



Key Concepts review

We kick off the process with an in-depth, complimentary review of our fleet management concepts. Our objective is to offer you and your team a clear understanding of our fleet management approach and the essential principles that amplify the efficiency of your mobile equipment.


application & Cost study

Next we go through your entire fleet to pinpoint current true asset utilization and determine how to maximize it. We review maintenance practices, historical repair trends, and parts inventories. We review the application itself, the site conditions, the specific load dimensions and weights, space constraints, options for increasing storage, travel patterns, and safety practices.



findings & recommendations

We provide you with a detailed report and presentation of our findings and recommendations as well as proposed costs. This covers equipment specifications, parts and service support recommendations and training schedules. We discuss optimum turn over times of the fleet, and asset disposal recommendations and estimates.


implementing strategies

We work with you to implement all aspects of your program. Our team provides equipment prep and delivery, maintenance and parts management, equipment and operator training, and utilization reporting.



analysis review

Our fleet team will review the recommendations made with frequent site visits. The goal is to monitor changing needs and utilization trends to ensure the fleet is always providing maximum productivity and efficiency. Should changes be required, plans for adjusting the fleet get underway to always achieve this goal.

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