Lease & Financing

At Global Fleet Solutions, we provide custom financing programs designed to suit your specific application, machine, and usage requirements. Our focus is on maintaining flexibility, allowing us to finance machines for the ideal duration based on their optimal turnover time. This ensures that machines are replaced before costly repairs become a concern. Additionally, we offer innovative rental purchase alternatives, ensuring that asset acquisition aligns with your current budgetary considerations.


Customized Lease or Finance Solutions

Global Fleet Solutions provides a financing program that is custom tailored to each application, machine, and usage. We make sure we tailor a program that works within the budget.

Flexibile Lease or Finance Plans

At Global Fleet Solutions, we give you the flexibility and comfort of knowing that your financing program can adjust to your needs, should your application change.

Seasonal Lease or Finance programs

If you are a company with seasonal operations, one of our shut down programs will be perfect for you. We can customize a solution for your fleet. Feel free to contact us to learn more.

Rental Purchase Options

If you are renting one of our machines and then realize you want to keep it, we have rental purchase options as well as conditional sales options to make that happen and save you money.


Ever wondered how you should dispose of a machine or how to handle your current fleet where the internal book value might not match market value? Global Fleet Solutions can help with that.


We can offer you guaranteed residuals and buy backs. Go ahead and buy the machine you need now and rest easy knowing that once you are finished with the machine or your application changes, we’ll buy it back. 

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