Fleet Analysis

Our team of fleet experts conduct thorough fleet analysis with the goal of optimizing your operations. We delve into various aspects, including fuel consumption, maintenance, equipment utilization patterns, and lifecycle management. Our step by step approach will providing data-driven insights and tailored strategies that are sure to enhance your fleet's efficiency and profitability.

application analysis

A detailed application analysis provides us a intimate understanding of what type of machines will be required to achieve the most ideal balance of productivity and asset utilization.

A past maintenance cost review will provide insight into potential machine specification, new cost saving features or machine capacity needs, that can be recommended based on this analysis.

Maintenance review

Travel Pattern evaluation

After examining the machines’ current travel patterns, we are able to improve efficiency by recommending changes such as better routes, or improved handling methods for products.

Global Fleet Solutions will offer solutions that will maximize productivity. Our consultative approach ensures you get the machine models with the right specifications for the job.

Identifying productivity

damage history

With a damage history report, we can pinpoint the areas and reasons machines are getting damaged. This allows us to come up with customized improvement plans as well as recommend tracking solutions for driving operator compliance.

Providing detailed operator training and machine familiarization will reduce damage and maximized productivity. Global Fleet Solutions can then ensure if an accident does happen, all the proper documentation and training records are readily available.

Operator Training

maintenance training

Maintenance training is provided to ensures everyone on the team, from technicians to operators are following all the specific needs of each individual machine. Understanding the capabilities and limitations of each machine will drive down the running costs of each asset.

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